Have you ever calculated how much money you'll need to save to have enough for retirement? Read this post for several formulas and methodologies to learn how much to save to be financially prepared for retirement. It's probably less money than you'd think. Determine how much money you need to retire comfortably at any age, whether at 65 or if you want to retire early. | Successfully Simple Sisters #retirement #retireearly #nestegg #savingsrate #financialtips #investing

In a recent post we wrote about FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), we introduced you to the basics of the movement. As a recap, the FIRE movement involves people working toward financial independence, with their ultimate goal of not needing to rely on their 9-5 income to cover their expenses. Rather, they want to live their lives as they choose, even if that means staying in their 9-5 job. One of the foundations of achieving FIRE is determining how much you’ll need each year for retirement. In order to become financially independent (especially before 65), you need to understand how [...]