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Paper Flower Arrangement of 6 Oversized flowers is a perfect addition to any nursery and mirror plastic personalized Name makes this baby room so special. Use this paper flower set for weddings, room decor, desert table backdrop or birthday photo wall This Paper Flower Set 0f 6 Oversized Paper Flowers stretches to around 35"w X 40"h //90cm:100cm. It includes: •6"//15cm = 2 Big Lilia flowers •6"//15cm = 1 Small Garden Roses •7"//18cm = 2 Medium Garden Roses •13"//35cm = 1 Big Garden Rose •10"//25cm = 12 Paper leaves (6 Brunches) •1.5-2.3"//4-6cm = 15 Small Paper flowers COLORS: For this paper flower arrangement we used mainly custom colors that we chose to match the nursery bedding and they are not included to our main color chart. (these colors are available as well) Feel free to customize your paper flowers in PERSONALIZATION field during the check out On the photo: • Blue Violet • Iris • iris Pearl • Off-White • Avocado • Olive Grey ___________________________________________________ NAME//MONOGRAM: We offer names in three colors: • White • Silver Mirror Acrylic • Gold Mirror Acrylic We also add 15 small dots from mirror plastic to the name that might be a good addition to the whole set. Name size: Depends on how many letters your name includes, but as a rule the names are around 16''-20’’//40-55cm width. ___________________________________________________ SHIPPING: Production Time: 3-5 days *********Standard Shipping ********** Estimated delivery time: United States: 2-3 weeks Europe: 2-3 weeks Canada: 3-4 weeks Hong Kong, Singapore: 2-3 weeks Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 3-4 weeks **********Express shipping (3-5 days)********** •United States - USD 85 •Canada - USD 85 •Australia - USD 95 •Europe - USD 70 Rest of the world - USD 85 (7-14 days ) ___________________________________________________ ASSEMBLING: We will provide you with flowers that already include mounting scotch squares. Take off the protecting tape and easily stick the flowers to the background. ___________________________________________________ PACKAGING: We send the paper flowers in our special gift boxes. Each flower is fixed is a proper way in box and we guarantee that they arrive in perfect shape ___________________________________________________ All rights reserved, MioGallery